Reclaimed wood flooring; weathered barn wood, precisely remilled!

Who We Are

Since 1983, Aged Woods® has been recycling and carefully remilling old weathered barn wood to produce the highest quality reclaimed wood flooring. Our naturally rustic flooring is used to add unique and authentic character to residences, retail stores, restaurants, cafes, casinos, country clubs, etc. Both solid and engineered versions are available.

We offer custom staining and prefinishing with both the more traditional multi-coat nano-particle, aluminum oxide formulation as well as a natural-looking no-VOC, agro-based oil finish. Prefinishing saves time, noise, dirt and odors at the construction site. Ask us for a quote on prefinishing with your flooring quotation!

Custom Flooring

Need a look that is different from our standard reclaimed wood flooring products? Hand-scraped, or maybe just hand-beveled edges? Herringbone? While all of our flooring is made-to-order, occasionally someone’s mind’s eye sees something not regularly offered. In those cases, our understanding of and access to a wide variety of recycled woods combined with our experience and unique custom-manufacturing capabilities allow us to consult and bring that vision to life.

Stairs on your project? Why not accent your Aged Woods® floor with a staircase made of the same wood? Look here for our reclaimed wood stair parts. Other asccessories to accent your floor are vents/grills made from Aged Woods® reclaimed wood.